Crimson Azoth
First Appearance: Visiting Crimcity
Last Appearance: Helter Skelter
Username: Crimson Azoth
Nicknames: Craig
Gallery: Crimson Azoth Gallery

 Crimson Azoth, otherwise known as Craig is one of Stampy's best friends and a retired helper. He first appeared on Episode 3 (Visiting Crimcity) and then he appeared once again on Episode 7. He hasn't appeared for a long time, over  4 months ago but as of late, appeared in Episode 74. Unfortunately, his dog, Cedric, died on that episode. He no longer plays Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edtion anymore since Episode 74 partially because of Cedric's death. He is the only helper known to speak. He has left Minecraft. He has never made an appearance in one of Stampy's videos ever since Episode 74, when he also killed himself off the series and because of this, he no longer has a bedroom.

Contributions to Stampy's Lovely WorldEdit

  • In the episode, "White Chocolate Paradise", Crimson Azoth built the heart which would become the foundations for "Stampy's Love Garden" along with coming up with the name as a joke.

Departure/Death in Stampy's Lovely WorldEdit

Craig left Stampy's Lovely World (to play other games) following the death of his dog (Cedric) who jumped off the Helter Skelter. His last episode was Episode 74: Helter Skelter, when he comitted suicide (by drowning himself). Stampy was with Cedric when he jumped, making it look like he was pushed. He left Minecraft altogether on Sunday, 6th October 2013 according to his Xbox Live



  • He appeared on Stampy's music video "I Loved You Gregory" as a performer.
  • When Cedric was killed, he rage quit out of the game. When Stampy invited him back in, he saw Craig wrote him a message, saying "YOU MONSTER!!!!!!".
  • Craig is the only Minecraft Helper to be heard speaking in the Stampy's Lovely World series. You can hear him to speak in Episode 30 Making A Swimming Pool.
  • He is the only Minecraft Helper of Stampy's that's been killed off.
    • Stampy had no plans of doing such to kill Craig off the series.
    • Craig marks as the first helper to suicide because of a dog's death.